Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 Tora Cubana Sandwich

Hola Amigo!!
How did Meghan like her email in spanish? I´m good, and surviving!! Right now nobody is on my weekly email list, I´ve gotten a little bit lazy, haha and I havent taken very many pics either, haha!! The weather is great here, its been pretty sunny, but on saturday it started to rain super hard, we were leaving with the sister missionaries from the house of the ward mission leader, when it started to rain, and a member saved us with his taxi, we squished all six soaking wet missionaries into one taxi, I had to continually wipe the windshield from the inside with a rag, because we were all breathing super heavy haha!! pretty cool experience!! Ya i had to buy a new bike and now i lock it up everywhere we go!! we've started playing soccer at 6 in the morning everyday so Ive been staying healthy!! We've been playing with our convert, Dolores, an investigator, Lucelya, and their kids! And Dolores is super cool!! my companion sent the friend request from her phone, and don't worry I´ll return with two bags!! She´s more interested in Elder Gomez, and dreams about marrying him, 'lol jk. haha, its all good!! here in mexico those girls are called Piñas or pineapples, i don't know why,haha! Thank you so much for all that you do Dad!! I love you tons!!hope you have a super duper week!!
Love you
p.s. the fotos are of the Torta Cubana, its a giant sandwich with everykind of food on it, and the others are of me in our house and Valerie, the daughter of Dolores;)

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