Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 16, 2015, Bend It Like Beckham

Pretty fun week!!  We had a lot of rain and its been a lot colder!! p.s. we play soccer Every day!! not just on pdays, I´m gonna come back like David Beckham!! Handsome, good at soccer and Brittain... or maybe just good at soccer!! And the spanish has gotten a little bit easier, but I can´t take the credit!!
 The ward is huge!! we have like 700 members, but only a little less than 200 attend church:) the boundaries are huge and everyone has money and transport problems... My comp is great!! struggling alitttle bit, with the whole end ofhismission and everything, but heis awesome!! p.s. the space bar doesnt work very well and I´m just gonna leave that sentance like that for proof:)
Good luck with your tooth, "I want to be a Dentist." (with a lisp of course) ... that was for my Dad, a little random but i hope you both get a good laugh out of it!!
I´ll talk to you asap (1 week)!!
Love you tons!!

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