Friday, October 9, 2015

October 9, 2015 Ixmiquilpan

Hola Dad!!
How are you? Hows life treating you! 51 down, 51 still to go! 
Lifes going good here in the mission! This weekend was great with General Conference and all. I was surely blessed by the words that were spoken, many talks really did help me with my personal needs. I really did enjoy it! so many great talks! I hope you had a great Birthday Celebration! Just remember that you were missed and remembered here in Mexico! This week has been a little bit better with my companion, Ive had a lot more patience with him, but its still been a little bit of a struggle. But now i understand the words endure to the end better. haha, well I hope all is going well for ya! Keep on celebrating and have a great week!! Love you tons Dad!!!
Elder Paynter


October 2, 2015 Ixmiquilpan

Elder Paynter's companion is Elder VillaseƱor
house check of Ixmiquilpan II Casa

June 15, 2015 Xicotepec

Dad and Tammy,
Sorry I cant upload pictures this week due to technical difficulties!! but ill be sure to send some more next week!!!
This week I was studying and I read a scripture that I had already read a few times before in Mathew 6:22 with references to D&C 4:5 and Mormon 8:15 I want you to read it and think about what they mean to you!! hehe
Love you tons!!! have a great week!!!!
Elder Paynter
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