Monday, June 8, 2015

May 18, 2015 Xicotepec with my new comp Elder Vijil

May 11, 2015

It was super great to hear from you yesterday!! Its good to see you doing so well!! Well tomorrow I will be saying bye to the little yellow house. Tomorrow i have transfers and will be leaving Panuaya, pretty short time here, but I'm glad i had the opportunity to serve here!! Again i find myself writing with no time! but its all good because I had the chance to talk to y'all yesterday! Thanks so much for all that you do for me dad!! I´m glad I always have someone looking out for me!! i started to imagine Lebron taking that last shot, and I started to get a little distracted haha!! The name of the grocery store chain is called Bodega Aurrera, there are millions here in Mexico!! I hope you have an incredible week dad!!
Love you tons!!
Elder Paynter

p.s. foto from divisions with Elder Marquez
 service project

May 4, 2015 ... May the 4th (You are my Father)

Its great to hear that you all had a great time in Disney World!! I can only imagine the sunburns that more than likely occurred. 
How have you been?? My new Companion´s name is Elder G├ímez with an A. The Panuaya that you found is the correct Panuaya. its a lot different than Zumpango. There´s a lot more farms and the houses are a lot more separated. Yes we had a Baptism last week!! The convert is named Jacqueline, she´s super great! Right now we are teaching her sister and we hope that she can progress as well!! The reason why I have slowed down with the weekly rundown is because earlier I was just copying and pasting the letters that I wrote to the president and now that I have six months in the mission Its a rule that i have to write him in Spanish!! haha, but all is well!! I´m still doing missionary work here!! trying to help my companion and to have more success in our area!! I don{t know what your plans are this Sunday, we will be able to call, i have an hour in total, I can call 30min to you and Tammy and 30min to my mom or if you all wanted to get together i could do 1hr with everyone!! It will probably and hopefully be skype again!! so when you have the plans all together, let me know!! Love you tons Dad!! I miss you tons as well!! Love you!
Elder Paynter

p.s. Elder Bednar is going to give a talk in our mission in like two weeks!! Pretty cool right!!

Fotos of Our District and Divisions with Elder Marquez


April 27, 2015 Panuaya

Whats up dude!!
How has it been?? how was Disney World? My new area is pretty good,
I've got a lot of work to to here!! I love the pain in my feet/legs
from the walking/bike riding/soccer playing. It's pretty good here! the
new companion is pretty good, The missionary work is pretty good!!
I've been working a lot harder recently! The apartment is pretty
great!! Its little and yellow and on top of other houses! It´s been
going pretty good!! I completed 6 months about two weeks ago, wow!! it
goes by too fast, I've promised my self to make the most of the rest
of my time here!! Like i said there is a lot of work to do here in
Panuaya!! p.s. that's the name of my new area!! I´m sorry I haven't
emailed in a while.  Lots of things have happened and right now I'm
trying as hard as I can to move on and keep working and give all my
"heart, might mind and strength".   I think I heard that we will be able
to skype again on may 10th, so I look forward to the opportunity to
talk again!! Love you tons dad!! I´ll talk to you as soon as i can!!
Love you tons!!
Elder Paynter

April 13, 2015 Panuaya...little yellow apartment

i hope disneyworld is super great and that you are all having a great
time!! Here are a few pictures that i took this week, I hope you
Elder Paynter