Monday, June 8, 2015

April 27, 2015 Panuaya

Whats up dude!!
How has it been?? how was Disney World? My new area is pretty good,
I've got a lot of work to to here!! I love the pain in my feet/legs
from the walking/bike riding/soccer playing. It's pretty good here! the
new companion is pretty good, The missionary work is pretty good!!
I've been working a lot harder recently! The apartment is pretty
great!! Its little and yellow and on top of other houses! It´s been
going pretty good!! I completed 6 months about two weeks ago, wow!! it
goes by too fast, I've promised my self to make the most of the rest
of my time here!! Like i said there is a lot of work to do here in
Panuaya!! p.s. that's the name of my new area!! I´m sorry I haven't
emailed in a while.  Lots of things have happened and right now I'm
trying as hard as I can to move on and keep working and give all my
"heart, might mind and strength".   I think I heard that we will be able
to skype again on may 10th, so I look forward to the opportunity to
talk again!! Love you tons dad!! I´ll talk to you as soon as i can!!
Love you tons!!
Elder Paynter

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