Monday, June 8, 2015

May 4, 2015 ... May the 4th (You are my Father)

Its great to hear that you all had a great time in Disney World!! I can only imagine the sunburns that more than likely occurred. 
How have you been?? My new Companion´s name is Elder Gámez with an A. The Panuaya that you found is the correct Panuaya. its a lot different than Zumpango. There´s a lot more farms and the houses are a lot more separated. Yes we had a Baptism last week!! The convert is named Jacqueline, she´s super great! Right now we are teaching her sister and we hope that she can progress as well!! The reason why I have slowed down with the weekly rundown is because earlier I was just copying and pasting the letters that I wrote to the president and now that I have six months in the mission Its a rule that i have to write him in Spanish!! haha, but all is well!! I´m still doing missionary work here!! trying to help my companion and to have more success in our area!! I don{t know what your plans are this Sunday, we will be able to call, i have an hour in total, I can call 30min to you and Tammy and 30min to my mom or if you all wanted to get together i could do 1hr with everyone!! It will probably and hopefully be skype again!! so when you have the plans all together, let me know!! Love you tons Dad!! I miss you tons as well!! Love you!
Elder Paynter

p.s. Elder Bednar is going to give a talk in our mission in like two weeks!! Pretty cool right!!

Fotos of Our District and Divisions with Elder Marquez


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