Monday, March 9, 2015

March 2, 2015 Elder Mora and Stolen Bike

Ok, I apologize in advance, pretty boring letter this week, I don't have any time this week.... and I'll just break the bad news right now... My bike got stolen and I have to pay for the new one... ugh... Ill spare you the details... again i am sorry...  Today Me and Elder Mora went to Pachuca to take his English test. He will be finishing his mission this cycle. He is from Colombia and was born in Brazil, he is super great, but I miss Elder Gomez like crazy, I heard that he got sent to work with one of the  missionaries in the mission, so i will keep him in my prayers;) Michael is home that is crazy!! 2 years is too fast, I have already been gone for 4 months... CRAZY!! I don't have much time like always but I love you so much and am so sorry for the bad news.... love you!! You are amazing I hope you will forgive me before my two years are up:)
Elder Paynter

I just wrote Meghan a letter in Spanish. I hope she is able to find a way to understand it haha!! triste mujer, jaja! Me and my companion have been getting along pretty well, the only problem that we have had so far is that he talks a ton!! He has like 1000 stories from his mission and from home haha!! The only reason that it is a problem is because we are in lessons for too much time and we miss our next appointments!! haha, its all good though:) He knows English pretty well, he studied a little bit before the mission and has learned quite a bit in the mission, He is a little bit more relaxed than Elder Gomez, but its alright, Elder Gomez is a super hard worker, and I know he taught me well!! My bike got stolen because i left it outside without the lock while we were writing the other week, and I don't really want to talk about it anymore.... I would like to say that our investigators are progressing, but they aren't attending church, so... 
I´m glad that you are all doing great!! It's a pleasure to hear from you all every week!! It's crazy how much time flies on the mission, I can't believe that Lindsey is coming back already!! Insane!! and now Avery is going to leave, super crazy!!! I´m rolling in on the 5 month mark I DON'T EVER WANT TO LEAVE!!!! haha, Our convert, Dolores has been helping us out a lot with the missionary work!! Her dream is to be a missionary!! but she is  29 yrs old and has 3 kids so she can't... but she is always more than willing to go out and teach lessons with us!! It's super cool!! I love you and miss you so much, and hope you aren't mad if I say that I never want to come back home.... lol cálmate es un chiste:) un poco de español para ti :) te quiero y te amo mucho!!
Elder Paynter
p.s i bought a new camera and its super cool

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