Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 23, 2015, Zumpango Rocks

Hola Amigo!!
How have you been?
We survived winter time and now we have pouring rain!! woohoo! We are all good, My companion is awesome just a little stressed because he finishes his misision in a week!! We have 6 missionaries in our ward, My comp and I and 2 sister companionships. Its pretty great!!
I´m glad everything is alright with your work, I hope that things will keep getting better. Sounds like the paper route is all taken care of right now, if only Kyle would pick up the slack and start driving, haha just kidding! I´ve been trying to take more pictures, but its hard because I dont want to have my camera get robbed... haha, but I´ll try to start taking some more, I´ve only got one this week!!! Don´t miss me too much for march madness, we´ve still got one more to go, haha!! Thank you so much for all you support Dad!! I love you tons and wish you the best of luck in everything!! (work, disneyworld... etc.)
Te Amo mucho!!
Elder Paynter

p.s. another pic of my bff
Hola ¿cómo has estado?

I really do love serving!! I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else for the next 100 years (because I never want to come back) I really think that serving a mission is for everyone, and really for (girls) it's only 18 months and the time flies by faster than you can think, Education can wait, but I´m absolutely sure that there are people in all parts of the world being prepared to hear what we have to say, It´s an opportunity that we cannot give up!! Plus, being a missionary is super chito (mexican slang for cool) 
I honestly don´t know what I can tell you... were here in Zumpango, its super fun, but we haven't been having super success, and have been having a few struggles, because I think my companion is thinking too much about going home, but all that we need to do is "Work, Work, Work" -Ezra Taft Benson ;)
Good Week:)
Right now we have a goal in the mission to read 11 pages of the Book of Mormon every day, so my personal studies have been a little bit full of Book of Mormon reading. Btw- I´m reading it in Spanish, so it takes a little bit of time to read the 11 pages:) but I´m pretty happy because I can practically understand all of it!! I´m surprised because I have learned a lot from reading!!
5 months.... I almost cried..... I´ve been away for 5 months!! I really never ever want to come home, I´m sorry, but its the truth... I honestly don´t want to waste a single minute here!! We are working on the Lord´s time! To think that 5 months have gone by this quick is insane! It makes me sick, "I don´t ever want to leave this town." 
But it's been great!!
Yes, I am wearing my retainer (when the water in our house is working!!)
Elder Paynter
p.s. Foto: It wasn't our baptism, but the baptism of the Hna´s (hermanas)!!
p.s. the water goes out every day from 6 at night until 7 in the morning....

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