Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015 Almost Easter in Zumpango

Go Kentucky, I guess, haha, Ill keep your knees in my prayers;) The
little girl in the fotos is named Valerie and she is the daughter of
our convert, Dolores. They are all super cool, and the kids say that
they want to be missionaries when they are older!! woohoo! We will be
able to watch Conference in the stake center, but i might have a few
struggles trying to find it in English, haha, This Easter weekend
should be great, I hear that here in mexico they do like a reenactment
of the crucifixion of Jesus, so that seems pretty fun (and a little
bit of apostasy haha) The people are so religious and coocoo here!! 

My comp is leaving to his house tomorrow and we have a lot of stuff to do before he leaves;) Ill talk to you more next week!!Thanks for always supporting me and loving me!! I love you tons Dad!!
Stay strong in the faith, this church really is true!!
Love you!!


  1. Hi Elder Paynter,
    This is your Grandmother Paynter. I am still learing about computers so you have not heard from me but Jeannie is here helping me so I am writing you a message that I hope you will receive. I would love to be on your e-mail list, jpaynter@usfamily.net. Jeannie , Katie, and Katie's little boy Benjamin, he is 2 1/2. are here for a couple weeks. Katies Hustand Dany was here but flew home on Monday to Arizona. Mark and Brenda and their kids are in Hot Springs, Arkansas for a memorial to her father who died a few months ago. Lillian's husband Adiack mowed the yard this morning We finally are getting some warm .weather. It sounds like you are enjoying your mission. I pray for you every day that this will be an experience that will long stay in your memory for the good things that happen as far as the gospel goes. This gospel in life itself, I know it and am so thankful for the missionaries that tracted us out. We are still in contact with Elder Barfuss. He was the humble kid from Tremonton, Utah, from a family of 12 kids in a 2 bedroom house when he was growing up. I will be thanking him all through eternity for giving us an eternal family. Enjoy your mission Honey. Love, Grandmama.

  2. Elder Paynter,
    My wife and I love to read your posts to see how you are doing on your mission. It is interesting to see how you are getting used to mission and Mexican culture. We also get a little nostaligic about the great times that we had on our own missions. Keep up the good work!
    Bart Paynter