Monday, July 13, 2015

June 8, 2015 Birthday Cake and Pancakes

Hola Dad!!
Time flies by super fast right!! I have to admit, I have been looking in the mirror lately and being 100% honest i think my hair line is starting to fade away... in no time we´ll be rocking the no-hair look together. I knew that it was coming and I'm pretty sure its starting to arrive, haha. 19 years, wow... flies by super fast!! 
I know you like receiving my emails, and so i was trying hard to send as much as i could to ya, but I guess we found out why I wasn't getting responses haha, So I'm in Xicotepec right now, in the state of Puebla here in M

exico and it is the farthest area in the mission from the mission offices... haha we feel so lonely out here because the closest missionaries are like 45 minutes away in Huauchinango. haha. but I love it here!! There's a lot of pretty mountains with a ton of trees!!
Tell Mark and Brenda thanks for everything and for the love they sent my way!! I hope they are doing just great in the mighty land of 10,000 lakes. It kills me to not be able to watch the finals, but I just don't worry about it cause I have no choice haha, but hows Lebron vs. the MVP? I'm sure they're putting on a show!! haha, I hope you are doing great dad!! And I hope you know i love you, and hope you have a great week!! Moroni 8:3 
Elder Paynter


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